A New Era in Education Policy Provides Opportunities for Christians to Minister

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After a contentious hearing and lengthy debate on the Senate floor, Betsy DeVos – a lifelong advocate of education reform, charter schools, and vouchers – was confirmed as the next secretary of education.  The Senate vote resulted in a 50-50 deadlock for the nomination, which required the unprecedented tie-breaking vote of Vice President Pence to secure DeVos in her new role, the first time a vice president was needed to confirm a cabinet position.

Many outspoken Christian leaders in favor of homeschooling, private schools, and charter schools were excited about DeVos’ nomination.  Yet many other Christians involved in the public school system were concerned about her lack of experience in public schools.

Regardless of what one believes is the best method of education, Dr. Andrea Ramirez of the Faith and Education Coalition says that Christian leaders need to boost their relationships with their local school district. In a Christianity Today article, she notes the fact that over 90 percent of children receive their education in a public school, and points to a survey that shows an astounding 95 percent of protestant church pastors already agree we need to be reaching out to public schools.

“As dual citizens, we first seek the kingdom of God and then accept the mantle of responsibility to our communities and the precious children within them,” Dr. Ramirez writes. You can read her article here.

On Wednesday, many evangelical leaders jointly filed a full-page ad in the Washington Post to publicly speak out against the President’s temporary ban on refugees from seven nations through Africa and the Middle East.  Such notable leaders condemning the executive order include Pastors Tim Keller and Ed Stetzer, as well as popular Christian author Max Lucado, among others.  World Relief is responsible for arranging the advertisement, and they claim over 500 evangelical pastors and ministry leaders have signed the statement that will be given to Mr. Trump.  You can also sign the letter yourself in a link provided here by World Relief.

Earlier this week many residents of New Orleans and other nearby towns found themselves amidst the wreckage of numerous homes and buildings after multiple tornadoes swept through the area.  Fortunately, no one lost their life in the storm, but multiple people were treated for injuries and many find their homes turned to rubble.

The eastern portion of New Orleans reported the most severe damage.  One such neighborhood in this region is the Ninth Ward, an area that suffered the worst of Hurricane Katrina’s wrath back in 2005.