America Makes Important Strides Toward Protecting The Life Of The Unborn

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On Monday, President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Abortion Rule. This law mandates that any non-governmental organizations receiving federal funding cannot provide or encourage abortion services overseas.

President Reagan was the first to implement this law in 1985, and since that time every Republican president has renewed the mandate and every Democratic president has rescinded it.

Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Ronnie Floyd, both respected Evangelical leaders, applauded the move.

“I want to thank President Trump for keeping his word and for fighting for the life of the unborn in his very first week in office,” Floyd said. “As a pastor committed to the sanctity of life, this news comes as great encouragement. For decades the evangelical community has stood for the value of all life, in all its stages and forms. Life is the most precious gift our Creator has given us, and it should be cherished and it should be protected by law.”

Dr. Dobson said that President Trump’s decision to reinstate the Mexico City Policy was “a critically important first step in prohibiting American taxpayer dollars from supporting any organization, foreign or domestic, that would use those resources to fund the killing of unborn children, or to otherwise thinly conceal their pro-abortion activities as an alternative means of ‘family planning.”

In Russia, thanks to an American missionary, the controversial anti-evangelism law enacted by President Putin may possibly be overturned. Don Ossewaarde, a Baptist missionary from Illinois, was holding a Bible study at his home back in August when Russian police detained him and a court later found him guilty under the new legislation, issuing him a fine of over $600.

The “Yarovaya Law” calls for oppressive restrictions aimed at missionaries and evangelists throughout the nation. There have been over 30 prosecutions since it became law in July 2016.

Yet, Mr. Ossewaarde has appealed his case three times now, and his case made it all the way to Russia’s Supreme Court, the first since the new ruling to gain this much attention by the Russian judicial system. His challenge is also the first to put the future of the Yarovaya Law in jeopardy.

Lastly, over the weekend a severe storm in the South tragically took the lives of at least 19 people. Fifty tornadoes were reported, killing 15 people in Georgia and 4 more in Mississippi.

Such destruction has left many families and businesses devastated.  The tornadoes leveled multiple buildings, particularly in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area.