Producers Ask Dr. Travis To Talk About Special Girl In His Life Then The Tears Start Flowing

A popular television figure revealed his softer side recently when he was asked to talk about the leading lady in his life. His reflection was joyful, but sad at the same time.

Dr. Travis Stork couldn’t hold back a big grin when talking about his beloved girl, but suddenly tears flooded his eyes with all the memories they shared. It was unusual for Dr. Travis to open up like this on The Doctors, the hit show he co-hosts.


But when he did, no one could blame him for all the emotions that welled up. He was already struggling with the fact that his girl was experiencing major health struggles

But then his interview made him dig even deeper into his emotions that were caught on film for everyone to see. When you’ve been together for as long as Dr. Travis and his sweetie have been, it’s impossible not to develop a major attachment that can never be broken, even after your loved one is gone.


That is the case for Dr. Travis and his beloved pet named Nala. Seventeen years ago, Dr. Travis’s life changed in a remarkable way when he became a dad to his dog Nala.

To sum up the kind of dog she is, Dr. Travis had no problem describing her as gentle and kind,  an altogether wonderful creature. Not only was Nala a great pet to Dr. Travis, but they were best of friends.


She was a blessing in his busy life, a solid source of comfort. He was her rock and her beloved human.

When this interview took place, Nala was in the last days of her life. Watch the special way Dr. Travis helps himself prepare for her passing.


Grab the tissues, because the video below is very touching! You’ll see a softer side of the stoic TV doc.

Sadly, just after this episode was taped, Nala passed away. It’s always difficult to lose a pet and our prayers go out to Dr. Stork.


Watch and see Dr. Travis’ memories of Nala and how he’s coping.